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We recommend Rippling as the top choice for most people because it offers a modern and affordable time and attendance system. You can even try a free demo of Rippling today.

Ensuring that your employees are paid correctly and on time is crucial for the success of your company. No employee will stay with a business that has issues with their paychecks. Therefore, having a reliable time and attendance system to track working hours and schedules is essential.

Time and attendance systems are capable of calculating actual hours worked, overtime hours, paid leave balances, and more, ensuring that your employees receive accurate and timely pay. To help you choose the right time and attendance system for your specific business needs, we’ve reviewed nine top solutions in the field. In our reviews, we cover pricing, features, integrations, and trade-offs for each option to help you make an informed decision.

Time and Attendance SystemBest ForNotable FeaturesPricing
RipplingBest Overall– Streamlined time trackingStarts at $8 per employee
– Seamless payroll integrationCustom pricing available
DeelBest for Time Off Automation– Centralized time off requestsCustom pricing available
– Alerts for potential burnout
OnTheClockBest for Service-Based– Real-time GPS trackingStarts at $3 per employee
Businesses– Geofencing for location-based clock-ins
TimeClock PlusBest for Large Businesses– Various clock options (biometric, PIN, etc.)Custom pricing available
and Secure Access Control– Integration with employee scheduling
StratustimeBest Cloud-Based for Small– Integration with 60+ payroll systemsStarts at $4 per employee
Businesses– Geofencing and PTO accruals
QuickBooks TimeBest for Remote Workers and– Mobile time tracking with GPS capabilityStarts at $20 per user/month
QuickBooks Integration– Geofencing for location-based clock-ins
UKG (formerly Kronos)Best for Small to Midsize– Comprehensive HR and business managementCustom pricing available
Businesses– Product suites for various needs
uAttendBest for Very Small– Web and mobile app accessStarts at $22 per month
Businesses– Affordable time clocks with various options
iSolved TimeBest for Growing Businesses– Scalable with physical and mobile optionsCustom pricing available

The 9 Best Time and Attendance Systems of 2023

1. Rippling — Best Overall

Rippling stands out as the best overall time and attendance system. It starts at just $8 per employee, making it an affordable choice for businesses. Rippling offers a streamlined time-tracking software that simplifies your workload and automates routine actions. It allows you to set up automated workflows and customize them with simple triggers and logic. What sets Rippling apart is its seamless integration with payroll, allowing you to run payroll in as little as 90 seconds, with smart features for deductions, taxes, variable pay rates, and more. This system also offers features like automatic tax compliance, PTO tracking, geolocated clock-ins, and QR code-based clock-ins.

2. Deel — Best for Time Off Automation

Deel is an exceptional HR automation tool, particularly well-suited for HR professionals. Its standout feature is the Time Off or PTO plugin, which centralizes time off requests and approvals. Deel integrates with Slack and Teams, streamlining the process and automatically alerting managers about potential signs of burnout. It sends automatic status updates and assigns coverage when an employee is away, ensuring work continuity. Deel simplifies time off and attendance management with transparency into PTO. Pricing for Deel HR is available through custom quotes.

3. OnTheClock — Best for Businesses with Regular Service Calls

OnTheClock is an ideal solution for service-based businesses that dispatch employees frequently. It provides real-time GPS tracking and geofencing to ensure employees clock in at the right location. Features include automatic PTO and overtime tracking, employee requests, scheduling, and project cost and invoicing assistance. OnTheClock integrates well with major payroll platforms, such as ADP, Quickbooks, Gusto, Paychex, and more. Pricing is straightforward, based on the number of active users, with a free option for small teams.

4. TimeClock Plus — Best for Large Businesses and Secure Access Control

TimeClock Plus offers reliable time tracking with various clock options, including barcode, biometric, magnetic swipe, PIN entry, and proximity clocks. It doubles as a security feature, allowing you to integrate certain equipment with door locks to prevent unauthorized access. TimeClock Plus provides absence management tools, integrates with employee scheduling software, and offers a workforce scheduling system. While pricing is custom, TimeClock Plus has over 30 years of experience in the field.

5. Stratustime — Best Cloud-Based Software for Small Businesses

Stratustime, a cloud-based time and attendance software, offers a simple and intuitive way for employees to track their time. It integrates with over 60 payroll systems and provides features like geofencing, PTO accruals, time off requests, and more. Stratustime is flexible and affordable, with pricing starting as low as $4 per employee per month. It’s suitable for small businesses and can scale as your company grows.

6. QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) — Best for Remote Workers and QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Time, formerly TSheets, is an excellent choice for remote workers and those seeking QuickBooks integration. It offers mobile time tracking with GPS capability and geofencing. The system also includes employee scheduling and a time clock kiosk with facial recognition. Pricing starts at $20 per user per month for the Premium plan and $40 per user per month for the Elite plan.

7. UKG (formerly Kronos) — Best for Small to Midsize Businesses

UKG, formed by the merger of Kronos and Ultimate Group, offers a robust time and attendance system. It is suitable for businesses that require time tracking alongside other HR and business management software. UKG provides various product suites to meet the needs of different organizations. Pricing is available through quotes and consultations.

8. uAttend — Best for Very Small Businesses

uAttend, developed by Workwell, offers a simple and affordable way to track time and attendance. It provides web and mobile app access, making it ideal for remote workforces. uAttend offers various time clocks with features like voice control, facial recognition, RFID, PIN, and fingerprint scanners. Pricing is based on the number of employees, starting at $22 per month for 1-9 employees.

9. iSolved Time — Best for Growing Businesses

iSolved Time is an all-in-one solution for time and attendance, suitable for growing businesses. It offers physical time clocks, a mobile app, and employee self-service tools. The system is cloud-based, providing flexibility and scalability. iSolved Time offers features like geofencing, employee scheduling, and HR integration. Pricing and plans are available based on your specific needs.

Here is a table that compares some of the best time and attendance software based on the web search results:

SoftwareStarting PriceFree TrialStandout Features
ClockifyFree; $3.99 per user, per month (billed annually)7 daysAutomated timesheets, PTO management, GPS and geofencing⁴
Buddy Punch$19 per month plus $2.99 per user, per month14 daysGPS and webcam images, overtime monitoring and unlimited administrators⁴
When I Work$2.50 per user, per month7 daysAdvanced scheduling, overtime management and on-demand pay⁴
OnTheClock$2.50 per user, per month (first three users free)30 daysBiometric time clock, geofencing and payroll integration⁴
Deputy$2.50 per user, per month (billed annually)31 daysScheduling, time tracking and performance management⁴
Timesheets$4.50 per user, per month (first user free)14 daysOnline timesheets, expense tracking and invoicing⁴
QuickBooks Time$8 per user, per month plus $20 base fee (billed annually)30 daysTime tracking, GPS tracking and QuickBooks integration⁴

How to Choose the Best Time and Attendance System

When choosing a time and attendance system for your business, consider factors such as hardware requirements, punch methods, integrations with other software, and the size of your organization. Determine whether you need physical hardware or prefer a web-based solution. Consider the punch method, whether it involves PINs, biometrics, or other options. Ensure the system integrates seamlessly with your existing software. Finally, choose a solution that suits the size of your business, whether it’s small, midsize, or growing.

In summary, the top time and attendance systems offer reliable and efficient ways to track employee time and ensure accurate payrolls. These systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, whether they have remote workers, regular service calls, or other specific requirements. Make an informed choice based on your company’s unique needs and priorities.

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